Here's Barky, the smallest agility timer in the world!

Barky V3

The Barky got upgraded. Instead of a reflector it now has 2 active LED emitters. We listened to our customers who were complaining that in wind it became unusable, so we moved the LED from inside the unit to an additional unit.

The good new is that the price is the same by cleverly reusing the battery cases. And that it is available as an upgrade for 20euros + shipping for older models.


Start and stop sensor

It has a start sensor and a stop sensor with a small time display.

Easy deployment

It uses small spring clamps to hook to most of the jumps. It needs a little space in the jump body to install, which is required anyway.

Mobile connection

It will show an wireless AP (access point) to which you can connect and see the times and configure the timers.

40 meters range

It has the standard range of a WIFI connection, about 40-50 meters line of sight.

10 hours+ charge

The included 2000mah batteries will power the sensors for more than 10 hours.


Ability to set power, contact time, sensor roles (if Stop can start and Start can Stop or not), course passes (after how many passes through the STOP it stops).

TV mode

Allows for use of a tablet, computer screen or smart TV as a timing display.

LED display

High visibility wireless LED display. Withe the possibility of USB power.

The package contains 1 start sensor, 1 stop sensor with display, 2 Led emitters (without the 9v batteries), 2 micro-usb charging cables. It does not contain a power adapter.

See more in the Manual

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The Price: 290 euro

The price is 290 euros (start and stop unit) + shipping. Please use the form below to register.  Shipping is from Bucharest, Romania and it is about 10-15 euros for the EU. We do not have a shipping option for outside the European Union at the moment. 19% VAT will be applied where applicable. Warranty is 12 months.

The LED display is powered by USB (approx 4-5 hours on a 10000 mAh power bank) or 220v. It does not come with the stand. It costs 190 euros.

The Tablet or Smart TV display option costs 19 euros to be enabled. It does not contain a tablet or smart tv.

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    I want the LED display.I want the TV mode enabled.I want Neodymium magnets instead of clamps (additional cost depending on options)I want Velcro ties instead of clamps (additional cost depending on options)

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