Presenting Barkr TIMR, the complete dog agility timing solution. 

Best Features

We picked the most useful features (and invented  new ones) to give you the best possible experience for an affordable price.

Extreme Visibility

High Power LEDs and custom made fonts allow for perfect visibility in the sun from over 50 meters.

Remote Control

An easy to use remote to reset, start and stop the timer from a short distance.

Keyboard Adapter

The display plugs into your computer / laptop and enters the time by emulating a keyboard. It will work with most applications, including Excel.

Modular wires

The timer comes with 3 20m cables, so you can connect them at need.


The display, sensors and wires are proofed from light rain.

Multiple sensors

2 sensors / jump allows detection of high-jumping, low-jumping, small and very fast dogs.

A full dog agility obstacles kit is incomplete without a timing solution. We've had problems both renting and purchasing one for a decent price in the past so we decided to build our own agility timer. The interest from our colleagues in the area convinced us to turn it into a project. 

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Pricing Plan

We try to offer multiple options so that the we can meet  your budget requirements.  The selected components impact both cost and work time and is reflected in the final price.


500 €
  • 70x20cm LED display.
    non weatherproof

  • The 2 receiving poles only have 1 receiver.
    (small, thin, high-jumping dogs might not trigger if not set perfectly)

  • Telephone wires with telephone jacks.
    (tangles easily, more brittle)

  • No keyboard adapter.

  • PPR stands.
    (does not disassemble for easy storage or transport)


750 €
  • 80x20cm LED display.

  • 2 receivers / sensor distanced at 15cm.
    (it will detect dogs no matter their size or jumping height)

  • White cables, reinforced. Weatherproof plugs.

  • Keyboard adapter.
    (4.5m USB cable that enters the time into a computer)

  • Metal stands.
    (disassembles for easy storage and transport)

  • Start Stop remote
    (short distance radio remote to test and reset)


From 400 €
  • Wireless, accumulator powered sensors
    (USB rechargable, wireless, one sided,
    wing mounted, weatherproof)

  • 80x20cm LED display

  • USB receiver
    (keyboard adapter with reset button)

Because the timers are hand made we can customize every aspect. We can provide different size and color screens, different cable lengths, stands, create start animations, labels, cases, etc. Do not hesitate to contact us with any requests.

The timers have 12 months warranty.

Shipping from Bucharest to EU is aobut 50 euros and we ship to all EU countries and we can also deliver whenever we travel to competitions all over Europe.

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